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Business Strategy

Extensive business training for a forward-looking Leadership Team

Leverage your position in the value chain to create competitive advantage. Define your Corporate Identity around your core competency. Keep the business on track and achieve key milestones without losing sight of future innovation.

Marketing Innovation

In-depth business training for a well rounded Marketing Department

Learn how to always maintain customer focus and understand the Buying Process. Avoid average products and build a successful brand. Support overall Business Growth by focusing on profitable clients and building a robust funnel.

Sales Growth

Comprehensive business training for a winning Sales Group

A proven approach to Territory, Account and Call Planning is key when you are looking for new clients. Create an impactful message and develop a goal jointly with your prospect. Enhance your negotiation skills and Always Be Closing.

Impactful Business Training


First of all, Active Patterns has an easy, conversational flow. Our on-demand videos make the self learning process more intuitive and most of all, the program offers you resources and templates you can immediately apply in practice.

Furthermore, strategy often span in more than one area. By taking a robust, systematic approach to each of the key business fields: Strategy, Marketing and Sales, we help you see the big picture and make better business decisions.

Finally, not only can you complete the training at your own pace, but you can size the program according to your training requirements and budget.

A new approach to Corporate Training

Transformation is a continuous process, not a one-time event.

To accommodate different learning styles, we incorporate various learning methodologies: from videos and online learning, to hands-on training through practical resources and toolkits.

Unlimited Access

We are serious about your success. Access any of the material and resources once you’ve purchased the program. It’s that simple.

Resources on the Go

Connect whenever you want and from wherever you want. No schedules, no commute. Knowledge, resources and toolkits at your fingertips.

Personalized support

Engage with our consultants via messages or in private video sessions to discuss your challenges and get strategies on how to improve.

Effectiveness workshops

A suite of hand-picked workshops and customized training for marketing and sales organizations.

The result? Meaningful and lasting behaviour change and measurable business improvement.


Keep it simple, yet make the right trade-offs over project priorities. We help you balance between strategic advantage and organizational effectiveness and keeping it straight and easy as 1-2-3.


Since the hardest part isn’t deciding what to do; it’s deciding what not to do, our tools help you stay disciplined by neither under-investing or over-investing in the planning process.


Seems like competition increasingly takes place between business models, not just between products and services. Knowing your customer and adapting to changes is more important than ever.

Consulting & Advisory

In partnership with you, we identify the complex challenges that your organization faces and use a structured approach to grow your business and position you for the future.

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