About Us

Why Active Patterns

Strategic changes happen faster than ever before and companies have to balance being nimble, while retaining a longer-term mindset. Leadership teams increase the amount of time spent on strategy, but this approach must extend beyond executive leadership, into the entire organization, for three reasons:

  1. Build and re-build human capital to maintain value in the long run

Active Patterns offers effective and affordable ways to help individuals acquire transferable skills throughout their careers, not just when they start out.

With flexible, online access, your team has unlimited access to from videos and online learning and hands-on training through practical resources and toolkits developed by practicing executives and entrepreneurs.

  1. Positive ROI for investing in employee business training

Employees who understand the system are able to break some mental patterns, are more agile, recognize threats and opportunities and outperform those who only master isolated functional parts. Fulfilling the need of self-actualization, education increases motivation and willingness to stay with the company. It is in the best interest of your organization to dedicate the right amount of time and budget to employee training.

  1. Leverage the outsider effect for competitive advantage

A well-documented catalyst for creative problem solving, the “outsider effect” allows you to distance yourself from the problem and invoke objective clarity and creativity. Tell us about your challenge and invite us to meet your team. Our workshops provide a fun, engaging way to solve business problems and are a great way to create alignment and value going forward.

We augment your expertise through advisory support, when and how you need it.

Who we are and What we do

As a business training and advisory company based in Toronto, Canada, we serve clients globally. Our core service offerings include on-demand business training, workshops and advisory services in a robust, systematic approach to key business areas: Strategy, Marketing and Sales.

Unique format for creating value

We stand behind our mission to build Human Capital through Business Training by increasing the value added per employee.

An easy, flexible and accessible training platform accommodates individual learning styles while allowing employers to size the program according to requirements and budget.

Flexible On-demand Business Training Programs

Active Patterns on-demand training equips individuals with decision-making tools and provides hands-on practical resources and toolkits that can be adapted to specific business needs.

The easy, conversational flow makes the self-learning process intuitive. Designed to integrate Strategy, Marketing and Sales functional capabilities, the flexible program allows you to choose one section or all three.

The right processes through targeted workshops

Whatever your budget, time zone or location, we will be your partner to configure the right training and workshops, whether to help you re-focus during an economic downturn or to develop sustainable competitive advantage.

Advisory services and workshops can be arranged in English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Urdu/Hindi and Punjabi.

Passionate about helping you achieve your goals

Whatever your goals, we can help you reach there sooner, by bringing clarity to decision making.

Devoted to create value for our clients, we have a passion for solving problems and helping you succeed.

We will work tirelessly to understand your business, bring the right expertise to the table and find the right tools for your business. Your success is our success and we take this to heart.

At Active Patterns we believe in global reach for all businesses and help them succeed to their best potential. We help businesses across industries unlock their business potential.

Our Executive Team

Andreea Ciologariu

Founder & CEO

Andreea is an accomplished and result oriented leader who worked and partnered with executives, managers and entrepreneurs to innovative and drive successful businesses. Over the past decade she gathered extensive experience in Product Marketing Management, Business Strategy and Business Development in both mature and emerging markets.

Atif Sadiq

Co-Founder & President

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Mr. Sadiq is an accomplished leader with experience in Telecommunication, High Tech, Energy and Utility industries. He believes in building strong working relationships to produce exceptional business results. Mr. Sadiq has global integrated experience managing large scale teams in Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America and Middle East.