Marketing Consulting

A well managed brand, strengthened by effective go-to-market proposition makes an exceptional driver for customer loyalty.

Active Patterns helps you build compelling, integrated go-to-market systems that build a bridge between your business strategy and tactical allocation of resources to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Development of strategy

Recognizing that not all customers are equally profitable, and different customers have different needs and behaviors is the first step in developing a winning marketing strategy.

Find the right customer

Customer insights and segmentation help you find the “sweet spot”, a customer segment that is highly profitable and where you have distinct advantage over the competition.

We help you find the “sweet spot” and to do so we go beyond averages and use a combination of quantitative techniques and customer interactions to identify the preferences of your customers.

Unique value proposition

Defining your unique value proposition is a crucial step in order to deepen relationships with loyal, profitable customers and find opportunities to connect with new customer segments.

We enlist the help of your customers to make sure your value proposition passes the test for being differentiated and meeting their needs.

Delight your customers

Many companies neglect the need to keep up with changes in customer tastes and needs. This is dangerous and can take them out of business overnight.

We help you improve customer-led product innovation and anticipate shifts in the marketplace. By putting in place the mechanisms for customer feedback and insight gathering, we help you ensure the value proposition stays fresh and relevant for the target market.

Tactical Implementation

Exceptional and consistent customer experience will earn you a loyal customer base and high returns. Our approach to the marketing mix, brand management and resource allocation will help you increase sales and profits and achieve business objectives.

Brand management

As products and services become more difficult to differentiate, creating an attractive image and a distinctive experience for the customers you are targeting will help you build a larger, more loyal customer base. Brand management is about carefully selecting the target segment and creating the desired experience.

Once you’ve earned profitable, loyal customers, we help you design programs to nurture them and keep them engaged through a series of positive interactions to build a strong, trusted image.

Marketing mix

By taking this customer-lens approach to your go-to-market strategy we make sure you target attractive customer segments to realize the full potential of your products, services and relationships.

We begin by mapping customer behaviours that are the most profitable. We help you understand your customer, strengthen your value proposition and find leverage points to influence behavior.

We then align resources to deliver on your brand promise and reinforce through timely and consistent messaging and multiple touchpoints.

Resource allocation

What has worked and why? What should we do differently? We help you assess the effectiveness of marketing spend and develop plans to optimize expenditure and ensure marketing investments are generating highest returns.

Companies that go after the right opportunities and allocate resources intelligently watch their conversion rates grow.

In order to build a strong customer base, it is important to understand what practices grow promoters.

We work collaboratively and care deeply about our clients. We enjoy our work and define our success by your results. Our goal is to enable your business reach its full potential.

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