Sales Consulting

The most important goal for any organization is to find and win loyal customers.There are two steps to accelerate growth: uncover and reduce barriers and build a winning sales culture, supported by the entire organization.

Active Patterns helps you initiate a good experience and build loyalty starting with the sales experience.

Remove barriers to growth

The initial phrase is to improve sales performance by honing skills needed to be high performers in today’s complex sales environment.

We conduct an in-depth consultation with sales leaders to gather in knowledge current challenges to sales growth. These include reviewing the target market, current methods to prospect and barriers encountered.

We then help you identify and strengthen the weakest link in the sales process and create the best training for your team by focusing on topics where your team needs most help.


Prospecting is often the most dreaded part of the day or week. Learn how to generate new business using persuasive communication whether via phone, face to face, email or social media.

Articulate the value

Articulating value in a way that resonates with the buyer is difficult. Knowing where to look for valuable information and asking the right questions help identify the buying motivation. It can be used to articulate a profound value proposition and generate desire for the product or service.

Target market

Customers have increasingly more choices, are more informed and demand personalized attention and customized solutions. It is important to map and understand the customer buying behviour and use it to shorten the sales cycle.

We explore untapped potential markets in order to identify the most attractive business opportunities to pursue and increase sales and channel effectiveness

Then, we help you identify and engage customer stakeholders most likely to drive action and organize sales resources so they are most effective.

Align Sales and Marketing

We help you align sales and marketing objectives in order to improve the effectiveness of the initiatives, help uncover untapped potential markets and refine the target market.

We look at the stages of the sales process and how it links with the decision making and buying process.

Bring the future to life

The second phrase is to develop and implement a plan to build a high performance sales team.

We work closely with sales leaders to articulate a clear and compelling vision for the future. Ensure that leaders are aligned and committed to maintain focus on the end result, develop a plan and measure progress.

Resource planning

It is a difficult balancing act to determine what level of resources is appropriate for reaching our goals.

We consult with sales leaders to gain valuable insights for optimizing your sales structure and performance and create a customized program.

We can help you set quotas that reflect market potential and meet business requirements. We help you find efficiencies in the sales functions by focusing on productive and valuable activities.

Deliver the value

Sales development supports the organization’s challenge to adapt to customer expectations. It is therefore important to embed practices in the organization in a sustainable manner that is credible and create pull for the change. This means roles, structure, systems and technology that support feedback and enable solutions to evolve as needed to ensure enduring results.

Sales reps will continue to bring unique and valuable perspectives to help prospects navigate alternatives, understand risks known and unknown and stay ahead of the curve.

Create alignment

Process that originate or end in other departments impact sales performance. Start within the sales organization but develop a plan to enroll the entire organization.

We help you assess and improve cross-functional work processes and improve the sales operations and administration function.

The transformation must be informed by the organization’s capacity and speed of change. A governance structure and empowerment will ensure effective, efficient decision making.

Build to last

Learn how to build an effective and integrated sales strategy. Implement a proven, predictable, repeatable sales process that integrates territory, account and call planning and ensures an effective deployment of the sales force.

We help you with sales process design and improvement. But we don’t stop there. A winning culture sis one that helps individuals succeed. Develop individual capabilities by investing in coaching and build motivation by encouraging two-way communication.

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