Strategy and Business Planning Consulting

Companies often make one of two missteps. They either fail to evolve the organization fast enough to keep pace with the strategy shift; or they implement an operating model that does not fit the way the business creates value.

Active Patterns helps you match Strategy Design and Implementation to maximize performance.


Don’t let the environment or competitors decide your actions for you.

Strategy Design

Strategy is the science of allocating scarce resources and acquiring new ones in order to build competitive advantage and higher return.

Decide where to play

This is the time to make important choices about where to focus time and investments. Carefully define your market. Analyze opportunities and choose where to center activity and energy. To create fundamental strength, know your core and realize its full potential before exploring adjacencies.

Define how to win

To design the right strategy, organizations need a clear definition of how to win relative to the environment and what critical competencies are required for success now and in the future. Find the most profitable customer and put in place feedback mechanisms to adapt to changes in their behavior and find new ways to delight them.

Stay focused

Once you committed to what needs to be done, invest in order to move in that direction as fast as possible. This will enable you to allocate money and resources based on future growth instead of last year’s revenues. Investing in lower-cost processes and finding efficiencies help you stay competitive and reinvest in your business.

Strategy Implementation

The only good strategy is one that you can implement. We help you plan something you can and want to implement.

Focus on the front line

Most strategies fail because of the inability to change behavior throughout the organization. Build a plan focused on practical, clear and workable outcomes and clear lines connecting strategy to front lines. A strong, repeatable operating model is designed with the customer and the front line in mind.

Right people in right places

To ensure the strategy is communicated and understood throughout the organization, involve the right enablers from the start. Some decisions are independent while others should reflect decisions made elsewhere. Empower the right people to make informed, fact-based and insightful decisions in a time efficient manner.

Communicate clearly

Balance clear and focused communication of the outline of the strategy and details of how to implement it. All details have to be thought out and planned before rollout. Management needs details on how to implement the strategy while front liners need details on what they need to do to make it real.

We work collaboratively and care deeply about our clients. We enjoy our work and define our success by your results. Our goal is to enable your business reach its full potential.

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