Marketing Workshops

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STP and Persona

Should you market differently to various segments? Create profiles for customer segments and focus on those who are identifiable, accessible, systematically behaved and profitable.

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Buying Process

How do buyers make a decision about which product or service to buy? Identify critical places where customers move away from your brand and identif leverage points to influence their behaviour.

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Brand planning

Do you deliver on your brand promise? Identify and correct gaps between what you would like your brand to represent and the customer experience.

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Product Launch Planning

Thorough planning ahead of time will ensure a smooth product launch. Tactical plans and project management tools are the secret to painless go-to-market.

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Digital Strategy

What techniques will you be using to attract your target audience? Map your digital funnel, experiment and measure to achieve the lowest cost-per-acquisition.

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Each media category has unique characteristics in terms of creative effort and budget required. Clear objectives are important before starting.

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