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Use the DICE formula to increase the effectiveness of change initiatives

Created by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the DICE simplified statistical formula predicts whether a change program will succeed or fail and how to adjust accordingly.


The following basic rules of thumb are good guiding principles.


- shorten the length of a project

- break it into regular, formalized milestones

- schedule standard "learning milestones"

- develop robust plans but allow for missteps


- select top-performing leaders

- pair initiatives with the corresponding strengths of team leaders

- ensure team objectives and roles are defined

- strike the right balance between the amount of time teams are able to devote to the project versus regular day-to-day operations


- ensure that both senior leaders and employees are committed

- communicate with staff early and often and be aligned

- communicate three times more than seems instinctively reasonable

- people usually need to hear a message nine times for them to understand what it really means for them


- assess talent pool based on both current and anticipated needs

- keep close track of who possesses which skill set

- check ongoing initiatives before committing to new ones

- fail fast to learn fast

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